Being on the Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation has been a challenge in recent years. However, nothing has prepared us for the recent COVID-19 pandemic. When March arrived our undergraduate members lives were changed and our facility closed early.

We are forecasting some financial distress to our organization. We are dealing with the unknown and are projecting increase in expenses. As in-person classes return in August, it is very likely that we will be hit with several events that will impact finances. Many parents may have lost jobs, which will prevent their son from returning to school or may require them to cut all extraneous expenses. Additionally, the prospect of having students living in close quarters may not be allowed or may cause concern to parents.

The economic downturn may have prevented some students from working part-time jobs or full-time jobs in the summer. In some circumstances, this income allows the students to pay fraternity dues. It is projected that enrollment at Alabama will be impacted and recruitment is likely to be severely impacted because of this.

Simply put, we need your help. Please consider supporting Alpha-Phi Zeta by making a gift today. The future of our fraternity depends on it.

In Z.A.X,

Wayne Keith, ΑΦ775

House Corporation President

[email protected]

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